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Our portfolio of innovative technologies

Take advantage of our expertise. We can tailor our “Semantic Toolbox” to meet your individual requirements.

Ontology Design

  • Ontology design for your domain, applications and processes
  • Ontology engineering based on state-of-the-art paradigms
  • Transfer your data model to a RDF/OWL ontology

Linked Data Integration

  • Convert your data and schemes to Linked Data
  • Integrate Linked Data schemes
  • Create and interlink knowledge-graphs

Linked Data Publication

  • Publish your Data according to the 5-star Linked Data principles
  • Triple-store and SPARQL-endpoint
  • Dereferencing via content-negotiation
  • RDF-Dumps

Data Analysis

  • (Big-)data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Reasoning
  • Statistics

Semantic Search

  • Taxonomy-based search & class queries
  • Intelligent auto-suggestion
  • Semantic-based ranking
  • Recommender systems


  • Visualize relations in your data
  • Exploratory navigation
  • Interactive animation

Image Analysis

  • Image classification
  • Concept detection
  • Automated image tagging
  • Object detection
  • Text recognition

Video Analysis

  • Scene classification
  • Text recognition
  • Scene-cut detection
  • Audio analysis

The Semantic Toolbox

Innovative Tools

Our innovative tools support the entire process of semantic data analysis and utilization. Multimedial content is automatically analyzed, enriched with semantic annotations and used in semantic search and recommendation systems. With a process chain tailor-made to your needs, your data is optimally developed and enhanced and can be published according to the linked data principles.

Scope of Application

Interactive Media Production
Universities & Educational Institutions
Blogs & Web Portals
Museums & Archives
Advertisers & SEO
yovisto semantic toolbox diagram

yovisto technologies in practice

From semantic WordPress plugins to fully developed video platforms – the possibilities are unlimited.

Semantic Text Annotation, Recommendations, Visualization

Semantic annotation WordPress Plugin

refer is an online-recommendation system based on Linked Open Data and Semantic Web Technologies. It aims to improve the user’s and author’s experience while curating and navigating in WordPress blogs. It deploys our semantic text annotation system including automated general entity linking as well as intelligent recommendations and relation visualizations.

Linked-Data Integration for archives

Linked Stage Graph

Linked Stage Graph is a Knowledge Graph developed during the Coding da Vinci Süd 2019 hackathon. The graph is being created using a dataset by the National Archive of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It contains black and white photographs and metadata about the Stuttgart State Theatre from the 1890s to the 1940s.
The nearly 7.000 photographs give vivid insights into on-stage events like theater plays, operas and ballet performances as well as off-stage moments and theater buildings. However, the images and the data set as they are currently organized are hard to use and explore for anyone who is unfamiliar with an achive’s logic to structure information.
This project proposes means to explore and understand the data by humans and machines using linked data and interesting visualizations.

Linked-Data Integration for the media value chain

DWERFT: Linked Film & TV Services

dwerft is a national funded research initiative aiming to cope with data integration problems in the film and TV production chain. Metadata plays an essential role in film and TV production as well as in the entire media value chain ranging from the idea of a script, followed by production planning, production and post-production, up to distribution and archival. Unfortunately, lots of information gets lost in the fragmented processes, especially when multiple companies are involved. Often, metadata needs to be reconstructed manually at the end, which is an expensive and sometimes error prone task. One of the many applications addressed in the course of the dwerft project are intelligent recommender services for movie recommendations as well as for advertisements and product recommendations based on Linked Production Data.

Image Classification

Visual Concept Detection

Our solutions for detecting visual concepts in videos and images allow you to search for assets in your media archive based on depicted scenes or objects. We adapt our algorithms to your data offering you the best retrieval experience possible! Our technologies are based on latest research findings in the field of machine vision and deep learning.

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