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Semantic technologies for multimedia

Give your data more semantic.

yovisto technologies at a glance

An insight into the theory – practical examples you will discover here.

Linked Data and Ontology Design

Ontology Design, Linked Data, Knowledge-Graphs

Data Analysis and Semantic Search

General Entity Linking, Relation Extraction, Intelligent Auto-Suggestion

Image and Video Analysis

Image Classification, Concept Detection, Audio Analysis, Text Recognition

User Interfaces and Navigation

Exploratory Visualization, Interactive Navigation

Our mission: we structure the knowledge in your data

From conception to implementation and operation, we offer you exactly the right spectrum of services.

Yovisto Team

Christian Hentschel, M. Sc.

Computer Vision and Visual Analytic Methods

Prof. Dr. Harald Sack

Semantic Technologies and Linked Data

Dr. Jörg Waitelonis

Semantic Technologies and Linked Data

The yovisto team

We design, develop and operate innovative solutions to extract and present knowledge from media content.

Christian Hentschel
Harald Sack
Jörg Waitelonis
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